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From the Desk of: Stephen Edwards

Tuesday 2:30pm

Dear Future Success Writer
Dear friend,

Let’s face it: Making money these days is hard.

I mean, there’s just so much to do and learn and with so many people telling you to do this and that, it’s easy to get confused in the crossfire.

And I’m sure you know that the biggest thing going right now is people, maybe even YOU. Trying to find ways to make money for themselves, doing what they love to do.

For you, it’s writing.

But without the proper guidance, making REAL money on a consistent basis as a freelance writer is damn near impossible to do.

Well, the good news for you today is that now you’ll be able to do both!

Yep, I’m going to make it easy for you

And no, I’m not just doing this out of the goodness of my heart, I’m also doing this because…….


I want to see you succeed as a

freelance writer…

Why YOU, you ask?

Well it’s because you remind me of myself when I first started out years ago as a freelance writer.

You see…..I’ve been where you are right now and I totally understand how you feel.

You have the desire, you have the determination that it takes to be a profitable and in-demand freelance writer, but the only thing that you’re lacking is the knowledge and guidance that you need to do it.

But just like me, once you have a sure-proofed way to making yourself a sought-after writer, your overall profits will EXPLODE and take YOU and your freelance writing to the next level of success!

And if this is what you’re looking for, then with this amazing guide that I’ve created, specifically for people like you, you’ll discover:

How to write original works such as plays, novels, and articles… and how to get paid for it.

What you need to do to achieve success as a writer and get your work published.

How to organize your business to maximize your success.

…And a ton more!

As a matter of fact, with this one-of-a-kind guide that I’ve been telling you about, you’ll:

  • Boost your overall profits by 377%
  • Have a thriving freelance writing business in record time
  • Be handed the blueprint to taking your writing career to the next level of success
  • Get a step ahead of all the other writers trying to make a name for themselves
  • Finally be on the same playing field with everyone else who’s successfully making a consistent living as a freelancer writer

    With this 160-page manual, you will discover the ins and outs of being a sought-after writer. You’ll be empowered with subjects, such as….

    • How to write for magazines and newspapers. This includes writing for the prestigious food and travel industries
    • How to write for children and teens
    • Writing plays, poetry, short stories, and more!
    • Managing your business and increasing your chances for success

    PLUS, you’ll:



    Discover your own potential


    Expand your skills


    Set goals and discover how to be a success


    Discover how to write a variety of different things


    Have the satisfaction of seeing your name in print


    Be creative every day and get paid for it


    Finally be the one calling the shots


    Just imagine living in Paris and taking on clients in California.

    Just picture yourself being able to take your writing wherever you go: On a boat, on an airplane, to the beach…..Wherever!

    Sound too good to be true?

    Well it’s not. In fact, writers across the globe have relied on this information for years. Now it is in one convenient package for you to reap the benefits.

    And just so you know exactly what you’re getting…..


    Here a sneak-peak at what

    you’ll discover inside:


    Lesson 1- What it means to be a writer


    Lesson 2- Writing for magazines and newspapers


    Lesson 3- Becoming a food and travel writer


    Lesson 4- Writing poetry and plays


    Lesson 5- How to write short stories


    Lesson 6- Learn how to write for radio and television


    Lesson 7- How to write a novel


    Lesson 8- Write for Children and teens


    Lesson 9- Submitting your work for success


    Lesson 10- Starting your freelance writing career – the business side.

    And to make it even easier to get started….


    I have included 4 FREE bonuses

    to help you make loads of cash

    as soon as possible…


    Product Description Value Cost

    ‘The Complete How to Write for Money Manual’

    10 Complete Full Lessons of comprehensive advice on what it takes to become a freelance writer.




    Ghost Writers From The Inside Out

    All the help you need in choosing a ‘Ghost Writer’ Where to look, what to ask, what do you pay them?
    Lazy Man’s Guide to Writing Article
    Produce high quality articles…faster than you ever thought possible and make money doing it.
    Self Publish at the Speed of Thought
    How to join the online revolution the smart way and turn your words into cash.

    A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self Publishing


    Self publish your hard copy material and become instantly recognised as a published author.
    Total Value
    Your Price

    Still undecided? I am going to take all of the risk away from you here and now, if you are not absolutely over the moon with your purchase I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked! Here is my guarantee below, print it off and keep it by your computer and use it if you are not completely happy.



100% 8 Week
Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t decide now if these magnificent lesson are for you just yet.

Take them for a “test drive” today. Order the lessons for yourself — they’re available here in instant downloadable format — And put every ounce of information contained in them to the test. If they don’t work for you, let us know and we’ll gladly refund every last cent.

Explore every single strategy and technique for 8 weeks – if you are still not satisfied that these strategies can work for you, then quite simply, you are covered by my unconditional NO QUESTIONS ASKED Money Back Guarantee.

I personally guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with the information contained within these lessons. That’s why I am putting my money where my mouth is and promising you ALL of your money back on these lessons if for any reason you are not completely over the moon with these lessons.

Even if you simply change your mind and haven’t done anything with the audio’s, simply email me and I’ll refund your money immediately.

So How Can You Get Your Hands On These Right Away?



Simply click here to reserve your copy instantly.




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Stephen Edwards


PS: Remember, once you say yes to The Complete How To Write For Money Course, it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

PPS: You’ve seen everything that you’ll get with this profit-producing guide, and you know in your heart that you need to start making money as a freelance writer—not tomorrow—not next week, but right now.

Here’s your chance to finally get over the hump that has held you back for so long.

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Order The Complete How To Write For Money Course NOW!!!

—-To your success

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Stephen Edwards

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